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Experience and knowledge make all theDIFFERENCE

I’m helping my clients to sell or buy their property since 10 years. Don’t hesitate to call me for a free consultation without any obligation at 514-836-2005.

To sell or buy with trust

One of the most important and expensive decisions you will have to make in your life is to buy or sell a property. If you want to make sure that everything will go smoothly you need to work with a professional, someone who knows the area and that could help you negotiate for the best possible price. In fact when you are selling or buying a house finding the right broker is crucial and it makes you one step closer to your goal. Did you know that there are 140 steps that you have to do when you are selling a house?

What I can do for you

    • I can explain you all the basic principles of selling or buying an house

I can assess a fair price for your propertyI can sell rapidly and at the best price your propertyI can contact a mortgage brokerI can find a property that correspond to your budgetI can examine all the details in the legal papers of the propertyI can put you in touch with a notary, inspectors and any specialistsI can help you to organize the sell or the purchase of a propertyAnd I can do even more

A first class service and a moving without any worries

You are thinking of selling your property? I will put you property on the market in an efficient way.I will work with you tirelesslyin order to help you sell your property at the best price and as fast as possible. You are thinking of buying a property? I will help you find your dream house that meets your budget and your preferences.

I can help you in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish


Date Title CEU/CEUV
2013-01 Formation obligatoire sur les nouveautés et modifications apportés aux formulaires - formation en ligne 4
2012-09 Formation en copropriété pour les courtiers (FCIQ) 28
2010-10 La production intérieure de drogues 3
2010-08 Session exclusive aux courtiers du Réseau immobilier La Capitale - La nouvelle Loi sur le courtage immobilier 6
2008-11 BÉNÉFICIER de la puissance du Web 6
2008-10 OPTIMISER la mise en marché de mon entreprise 6
2008-10 Conférence La publicité 2
2008-10 MAÎTRISER mes habiletés en situation d’inscription 6
2008-10 Formation S'organiser pour être efficace et plus rentable 3
2008-10 RÉPONDRE aux besoins des acheteurs 6
2008-10 RÉPONDRE aux besoins des acheteurs, l'Académie de l'immobilier de Via Capitale, accrédité par l'ACAIQ 6
2008-10 S'organiser pour être efficace et plus rentable 3
2008-10 BÉNÉFICIER de la puissance du WEB, l'Académie de l'immobilier de Via Capitale, accrédité par l'ACAIQ 6
2008-10 DÉVELOPPER mes compétences de prospection et de communication 6
2008-10 RÉALISER le plan de match d’une carrière réussie 6
2008-09 La collaboration (2008) 3
2008-09 Code d'éthique des membres du comité de discipline 1.5
2008-09 DÉCOUVRIR les PLUS de ma bannière 6
2008-09 Formation The electronic forms 3
2008-09 Conférence Les formulaires électroniques 1
2008-01 Le processus disciplinaire et les sanctions 3
2008-01 Conférence Les formulaires électroniques 1
2007-10 Les 15 questions les plus souvent demandées à Info-ACAIQ 2
2004-10 Plan d'affaires exclusif pour agents immobiliers (v1.0) 3
2002-04 La présentation simultanée de plusieurs promesses d'achat 3
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*CEU: Continuing education units
*CEUV: Continuing education units of Via Capitale

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French, English, Spanish, Portuguese

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