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An Ecological Pool? Why not!

Although they aren’t that popular in Québec, they are quite common in Europe. Some books deal with the subject there. You can even find videos on YouTube. Imagine! Swimming in a natural pool without chemical products. Out with the chlorine!

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It’s the plants that take care of filtering the water. The purification is done naturally. The water is so pure that you can almost drink it.

The purification process is done in a pool of water converted into a lagoon. That’s where the plants, like water lilies or others, accomplish their job of filtration. Then, the water spills into the swimming area through a waterfall or over a retaining wall. This is the oxygenation phase, which is then completed by certain plants. The water always circulates which keeps mosquitoes at bay since they are attracted to stagnant water. It’s the same principle as a mountain lake. Same simplicity, same freshness and the same pleasure to swim in.

Numerous healthy and sustainable materials ensure the pool’s impermeability. You can transform your conventional in-ground pool into an ecological pool. Among other things, you will have to build a natural purification and oxygenation zone and demolish one side of the pool to let the water fall into the swimming area. Continuer la lecture

Tips for reducing water consumption

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Fresh water is a precious resource. Even though Canada seems to have ample supplies, it accounts for only 7% of the planet’s renewable fresh water reserves. And just because those reserves are renewable, it doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. If we want our children, grandchildren and future generations to be able to benefit from this natural wealth, each of us has to do our share.


At home, there are many actions you can take to reduce how much water you use.



The bathroom is the place in the home where the most water is used. Taking showers or baths and flushing toilets account for 65% of our consumption. It’s easy to cut down the quantity of water used in the bathroom by following these tips: Continuer la lecture

Toilet water

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To some people, ecological toilets are a synonym for dry toilets. In searching for an alternative more adapted to our modern lives, I found two models and some great ways to be more ecological.

I found the first model, Eco Toilet Concept by designer Jang Woo-seoka, on The concept literally floored me by combining two utilities, the sink and the toilet. The way it operates is simple: use used water when you wash your hands to fill the toilet tank so you don’t waste our most precious resource: drinking water. It’s a wonder that the concept hasn’t already swept the Canadian market.

There are also models of compact toilets. Some have a macerating pump and an electric flush. With no external tank and using just 4 litres per flush, the toilet offers good opportunities when space or plumbing is a problem.

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