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Black: Spring’s Colour Trend

The title might surprise you, but it’s the truth. Just a touch of black can make any spring colour, like yellow and green, pop in a room thanks to the magic of contrast. See how.


Even a hint of black can improve the look of any room by providing more depth to the dominating colour. Orange, yellow and pink are all the more vivid when paired with black.

Others will say, on the contrary, that a touch of black will tone down any overbearing colour. It helps to soothe plenty of bold colours that can be irritating over time. It’s a fact. Black will mellow down any colour proclaiming to be overpowering.

This trace of black can be a trim molding halfway up the wall or a crown molding, a door, an entire staircase or parts of it, the woodwork, a curtain, the upholstery fabric, the ceiling beams, the den, a lampshade, a wrought-iron structure, a strip of wallpaper or a screen. Continue reading

Colour Trends for 2017

If you browse through the websites of paint manufacturers, you will quickly notice that violet will be the trending colour in 2017. Shades of blue and grey are not that far behind. Here are the results of our exploration.

Bétonel found its inspiration in the universe and in outer space. Its featured colour: Starry Sky in the shades of violet, which could complement any room. Night blue and grey are also trending colours. And since not everyone embraces violet, Bétonel offers a solution: integrating violet accessories into the home.


Since we are living in an environmentally friendly era, Bétonel also proposes a colour palette that brings nature inside the home.

Sico features a blue-grey violet colour called Mozart Violet. According to the manufacturer, this colour has all it takes to give a luxurious feel to a living room or create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom.


As for the home office, Sico suggests a whole range of colours: Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Furtive Mauve, Greyish Blue, Citrus Yellow, Sockeye Salmon, Zen Green, Pale Purple and Beach Taupe.

Benjamin Moore features the colour Shadow, the master of ambiance: a violet colour with intense blueish tones that gives a very rich and royal feel to a room. As cited on their website: “Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood”.

BEHR has categorized its colours of the year in three trending palettes: comfortable, composed and confident. Each palette it suited to a personal style. Shades of blue, purple and grey are the common denominator. BEHR describes their colours as trendsetters.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Most paint manufacturers display videos on their websites. Check them out, if only to see the colours dance before your eyes.

In addition, many manufacturers propose very daring colour pairings. No lack of imagination nor fantasy there. The names are just as dreamy as always: Smoke Turquoise, Cedar Shadow, Red Candy, Geisha’s Cheeks, New Moon, Stormy Monday, Diva Glam, Flickering Flame and many others.


Pictures are for illustration purposes only: iStock.com


Green carpets and rugs

From the 60s to the 80s, everyone was rushing to install wall to wall carpeting. Decorative, warm, comfortable, sometimes soft, they had everything. Synthetic fibres proliferated on Quebec floors.

Faced with the accelerated degradation of the environment, ecologists pushed carpets out of our houses. There are many reasons. Carpets cause a great deal of pollution, from manufacturing to use. Carpets are not biodegradable, don’t last long, can barely be recycled, contain numerous toxic chemicals and are made of petroleum products.

Health professional have added their grain of salt with a concrete argument: carpets can be dangerous for your health. They attract everything that floats in the air: dust, chemical residues, mites, humidity and even outdoor waste that sticks to soles. They also contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sometimes turn into germ nests. That was the end for carpets. We see less and less.

Hardliners have tried to group rugs with enemies of the environment, but in vain. Today, certain rugs are made entirely of recyclable materials. Continue reading


Happiness is blue

Blue is the colour of peace. Its enthusiasts defend it strongly. There’s no comparison in their eyes. Yellow? Too pale, lacks punch. White? Blank, oblivious and completely flat. Green. Makes you feel sick or depressed. And as they say, what is purer and beautiful than a May sky?

For them blue is the colour of love, but a peaceful love. Red? Too intense, too aggressive, too invasive. Blue is long peaceful happiness. It is also the most widely used colour in Quebec households, a title that is likely rivalled by white on occasion.


Blue is hitting hard again this year. We see its aqua vintage hue everywhere: large surfaces, furniture, rugs, bedding, curtains, dishes, place mats, cushions, storage boxes, shelves. It’s a bluish-grey that reflects gentleness. We saw a place where it covered the floors and walls, doors, and window frames. Everything was shaded in blue from one end to another. Continue reading

Kitchen: Horizontal horizons

What do you think of the look of these cabinets? The pairing of two tones gives a modern, minimalist look to the kitchen. Here, white is paired with a dark wood-tone, but wood cabinets next to black are stunning too. Melamine with stainless steel also creates a big impact.

Cuisine Horizon Armoires ISTOCKPHOTO decoration
source: iStockphoto

Did you notice the many drawers in the lower cabinets? The European trend toward horizontal lines is increasingly popular in Quebec. There are more drawers for storage, whether as cabinets or inside a pantry. This increases storage and provides access to the drawer’s contents at a single glance. No more looking for a plastic container lid in a low cabinet. Your back and your knees will thank you!   Continue reading