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Helpful tips from BMO Bank of Montreal

Buying your first home as a couple? Check out these six tips.

Become a savvy home-buying duo.

Are you and your partner gearing up to be first-time homebuyers? You aren’t alone.

With real estate prices on the rise, taking on a mortgage payment as a couple may be more realistic than attempting to buy independently.

You may also find the process intimidating ― but fear not. Take note of these six tips that will help you and your partner be properly equipped to make the biggest purchase of your life: Continue reading

National Bank takes care of you

Have you ever tried to contact a financial institution to learn more about a special promotion, only to discover that in reality, it wasn’t at all suited to your needs?

Financial packages are developed to satisfy the needs of a clientele whose priorities vary tremendously based on personal situations.

National Bank has therefore decided to take the time to thoroughly understand your reality in order to establish your financial profile and propose actions that can truly help you achieve your objectives. Because it’s only once we understand a situation completely that we can then plan accordingly and determine the best means to the end we seek.

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Financial packages tailored to the needs of professionals and students

When it comes to developing financial packages, our approach has been to offer you personalized service by granting you access to specialized advice and services. Depending on your occupation, you can benefit from several banking privileges: Continue reading

A market awaiting investors

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The construction of intergenerational homes has not experienced its expected popularity. Condominiums have mesmerized investors in recent years, at the expense of rental properties. However, senior citizens are omnipresent, and numerous. And do you know what? Their numbers are increasing every year. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Are you thinking of investing in real estate? The senior citizen housing market is a prime category. But you have to know the preferences of retirees and future retirees and how to adapt to them. Continue reading