A Roof Made of Wood Shingles

Is it time to change the roof of your house? If so, there is a golden opportunity available to you, especially if you are looking for a more eco-friendly solution. Les Publications du Québec announced the release of the first guide devoted to wood shingle roofs in Quebec entitled Toit. Bois. Bardeau. Guide technique.

Written by restoration experts Patrick Quirion and Mireille Brulotte of the Bois du Centre de conservation du Québec workshop, the guide contains over 250 technical drawings, detailed illustrations and photographs. Each step in the construction of this type of roof is outlined.

This guide is designed for owners and architects, entrepreneurs and restorers of old houses.

Not only does a wood shingle roof offer great beauty and an authentic look, it is also eco-friendly, unlike asphalt shingles which should be prohibited in the fight against global warming due to their high-polluting nature.


The Écohabitation experts describe wood shingles as a material that is resistant to humidity, that does not rot over time and that stands against strong winds. Its manufacturing and use require little energy. Its lifetime often exceeds 30 years, with guarantees ranging from 25 to 50 years and the cost varying between $9 and $25/square foot, installation included.


Since nothing is perfect, wood shingles do have a few inconveniences according to Écohabitation: “Possible cracking in the event of hail. Long installation. Application of stain every 5 to 15 years according to the type of finish. Due to the risk of fire, this type of roof is not authorized in all regions. Get more information.”

The book Toit. Bois. Bardeau. Guide technique can be ordered online, in print or digital. It may also be purchased at a bookstore for $44.95.


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